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**This is a DEMO and not the full version**


There comes a point in every world's history, when doomsday approaches to finish it. Some slowly fade into the darkness, while others suffer a long drawn out affair. The people struggle to defy their fate with all their might and resources. Praying for salvation.

Somewhere far across time and space such salvation had a form. The Ydin, a seemingly all-powerful object that can save a world from it's impending doomsday. A power held only by one known as the Ydin Holder. This crucial knowledge gave these worlds hope, and each sent a representative to obtain this power.

Each traveler, hailing from different worlds, so desperate to save the ones they love, came to pursue the Holder. These well meaning travelers with all their good intentions, knew that to save their world they had to doom others'. What befell them was a brutal and bloody death match that saw only one victor. With only one traveler left and no other choice, the victor and Ydin Holder turned to her world, and the Ydin saved it from the plague of monsters overrunning it.

One thousand years later, the Ydin stirs inside a boy named Suvi, and new travelers come seeking him. From the sisterly Dryad and hardworking Witch, to the emotionless Robot and malicious Zombie, Suvi must learn more about these travelers. And when the time comes for the Ydin to truly awaken. A world will be saved.

About the Game:

**This is a DEMO and not the full version**

The Full Version's Features:

  • Dating Sim allowing free choice in which love interest to pursue over the course of an in-game year.
  • Multiple love interests with their own over-arching story and multiple Endings.
  • High quality art done by our highly capable art team.

** May Contain various levels of violence, blood and gore, that some may find uncomfortable. **

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StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, Linux
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
TagsAnime, Dating Sim, Fantasy, Sci-fi


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